Starbucks. Most people say it is expensive. But to me, definitely cheaper than what Victoria Secret is charging per cup! No denying that right?

16938927_10154102979892003_3739592378776449388_n.jpgEvery now and then, we walk past this guy who makes our heart go like it’s on a sudden roller coaster. It is a sudden spark. You can taste the imaginary sugary lips of his on your mouth. And like your whole body is on fire, you are suddenly pumped up! Then he is out of the sight and all that is left is the fuzzy warm exciting feeling in you.

And that is exactly how I feel when hot caramel macchiato enters my system. It awakens every single dead cell in me to alive. Almost like breaking the bored cell. Again imagine you are in history class and this drop dead gorgeous guy enters in your class, and suddenly your body is pumping more adrenalin to your head. And now suddenly history is your favourite subject ever. That is the kind of relationship I have with my caramel hot macchiato.

Can you imagine having audit class in the morning? That is like waking up and seeing Internet Explorer staring right in the face. But hey, worry not; I have something to act as firewall to deal with it. That’s right, my very own morning dose of caffeine!10322717_10151997671452003_6610131659691706698_n.jpg

So you might think I am crazy, who describes a drink like this anyway? Okay so if you are asking that, boy let me tell you. You are missing out in life! Nothing beats the feeling of warm macchiato slowly entering your throat and waking your dead soul up. Well unless you are kissing Tom Hiddleston of course, then this totally beats anything else. But come on, are you kissing him? No? Then we have a winner here (at least I do), Starbucks!

Oh and another reason I love Starbucks, who on earth does not enjoy the feeling when a cute guy compliments on your lovely name? Seriously! We all know that at Starbucks, they ask your name to be  written on the cups. I don’t know if they get paid more for extra compliments on our beautiful names. But I think they should or at least get my number!

Imagine you had the worst day; like  D-worst day and then you stop by Starbucks for a cup of coffee and this cute guy who attends to you then asks your name. Writes it on the cup and then looks at you and flashes his million dollars smile and tells you that you have an amazing name! Don’t you think you would die and go to Lala land instead of the crappy land you were in previously! Exactly my point!

16864547_10154102979202003_2422004795154047073_n.jpgALSO THEY HAVE THE CUTEST HOLIDAY THEMED CUPS DURING CHRISTMAS!

So this goes out to all wonderful people who never understand my obsession for Starbucks! Hey at least I am not obsessed with drugs!  Sure getting diabetes is no fun but it makes you feel less guilty I guess! Because it is legal to drink sugar then to sniff coke! Make love not war. But since this isn’t a love story, make coffee not ‘coke’.


P.S. the coke I referred to was the drug not the normal McD Coke/Coca-Cola. That Coca-Cola is totally safe and heavenly. Again that’s sugar, no harm (unless we talking diabetes then yes it is harmful!)! Know the difference people!


So what is your coffee story?  😉


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