Baby, I had a long day and I just want to vent. How often do we say this to our boyfriend with the hope he JUST listens but usually it turns out to be a full blown conversation with him commenting on everything you say.


Let it me break it down boys, when we say we want to JUST vent, it really does mean we just want to vent where you don’t have to have a reply or answer. How amazing that is on your part, I mean think about it, your girlfriend comes to you and vents her heart out, all you do is listen and ta-da she is happy. Technically you don’t have to do anything and she is happy. Now, this is the only time EVER you don’t have to do absolutely anything  but listen and you will make her happy, yet you blew it off. Seriously?

I think from experience, it is safe to say that you boys feel like it is a need or must to reply or even solve the problem for us. Look, if I needed  a reality check and an answer, I would have gone to a shrink. You are the boyfriend, just stay as one. If you must say something, please at least wait till we are done. Nobody likes to be disturbed when we are in the flow.

But don’t get me wrong, I think its sweet that you try to help us, but sometimes listening itself is a help, so lets not push it, shall we? I have heard guys saying this before though, ‘maybe you complain too much, he is just a guy, ya’know’ . Well you can at least pretend you’re listening, we don’t judge. After all some guys fake the whole relationship, how hard is it to pretend to listen to us?

I think this issue had to be addressed because honestly its starting to get scary, how guys takes things personal. I mean it is my problem in the end, you really don’t have to sit in a corner cracking your head for a solution. Sometimes there is never  a solution. Maybe it is a BOY THING to do, that you need to try and solve everything but perhaps you can lay back on this one, yea?women-dont-like-advice-they-dont-want-you-to-fix-their-problems-they-just-want-you-to-listen-quote-1.jpg

Also i know how annoying it is when you’re stuck listening to your girl about the same problem over and over and you have probably suggested solutions to her before but here is a thing, girls can be difficult as ‘F’ but thats our own pain in the ass that we chose to deal with. And naturally you are also stuck suffering from it, but hey nobody said love was easy. Sometimes all we want is to be able to vent it out loud and take it off the chest, to be able to be happy and have a good evening with you afterwards.

In all honestly, boys, we (at least I) don’t mind if you don’t really listen to us, pretending is good enough at times. Its the comfort we get, knowing someone is just listening because he cares that makes all worries go away and making us feel better.

So next time, if your girl said she wants to vent, just let her vent all her heart out, don’t interrupt. Wait till she is done, say a sentence or two regarding the topic, then cuddle with her with some ice cream and talk about the most random stuff in the world. (It may not always work, but I’d say 7/10 times it would).

See its really not that hard to please your girl, so stop complicating it. #JUSTLISTEN

P.S We will ALWAYS love you, but we will love you more if you would just stop interrupting us when we’re in the venting mode  🙂


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